Axis Runner


This idea comes from some years ago; basically a 3D lode-runner type game with a weird topology: if the runner bumps into a wall he climbs up (like the fighting scenes in "The Matrix" or "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon") but if he reaches an edge he falls, in the current downwards direction. I.e. the direction of gravity changes. To keep the world finite it is enclosed in a cube. Typically characters walk on the ceiling/up walls/pipes etc.

After many attempts (openGL in 1996 was too slow, Java in 1998 with line graphics was too dense), after someone put an amazing sculpture

in the local bus interchange, after a lot of learning about graphics engines, and after the SDL game competition, here is 8000 lines of pure c coded madness!

While it is still in the prototype stage, if you have a Linux machine handy you can try it out. You will need the SDL library.

Comments? Suggestions?


Project Goals



level 1 screen shot level 2 screen shot level 3 screen shot level 4 screen shot

Download source code


If you are going to try this, use '#' to skip a level and ESCAPE will get you out of the introduction. To run on a slow machine (eg. Pentium 100) remove the
in render.c.

User comments

Date: Sat, 02 Nov 2002 15:55:48 +0100
From: Wolfgang Arendt
Subject: axis-runner

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Hi, Simon,

well, I like the game. Although I had some trouble, figuring out, how to
run it. I copied the whole directory to /usr/local/games/axis-runner. It
seems, that you can only run the game from within that directory. Since
that directory was owned by root, the logfile could not be opened by
normal users, so I replaced it with a symlink to /tmp/axis-logfile.

In order to be able, to run the game from anywhere, I renamed the axis
executable to axis-game and wrote a small wrapper script named axis.
Finally, I wrote an script, that makes all these changes for
me, that can be run after the game has been compiled. Now, everybody at
my workstation can enjoy your game. I include the and the scripts, just in case, you want to take a look at them.

Ciao, and thanks for the nice game

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cp -vr . /usr/local/games/axis-runner &&
cd /usr/local/games/axis-runner &&
mv axis axis-game &&
cp -v axis &&
ln -vfs /tmp/axis-logfile ./logfile

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AXIS=`which axis 2>/dev/null` || AXIS=$0

cd `dirname "$AXIS"` &&


Copyright Simon Burton 2002.

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